Many of the handbell manufacturers sell a range of accessories such as mallets, gloves, cases, polish, gifts and music. You could also try the following suppliers:

  • HRGB Sales. Our own National Sales facility supplying most items required by the new, experienced team or ringer.
  • Jeffers
  • Handbells Etc. Handbell music and accessories as well as a host of items including scarves, earrings, pencils, ornaments, cards, stained glass items etc!
  • Gopak Folding Tables
  • Balmoral Knitwear Balmoral hold the HRGB logo on file to which can be added team names when purchasing their products
  • Design-a-Stitch holds the HRGB logo to which can be added the team name etc. Will either supply pre-embroidered shirts or will accept items purchased elsewhere for embroidery.
  • Handbell Services Inc. Most products featured in their catalog have been created by artists and manufacturers in the United States exclusively for Handbell Services.